2019 Summer AMA Recap

While the AMA Summer Academic Conference is known for featuring a rather busy academic recruiting schedule (best of luck to our colleagues on both sides), the 2019 Summer AMA was filled with a series of interesting events. Themed “Marketing on Fire: Burning Questions, Hot New Methods and Practical Ideas Worth Spreading”, this year’s conference is summarized in a following brief recap.

We first got a word of a very cool initiative happening this year. Several compelling and useful Master Class workshop-style sessions were conducted that were offered for free subject to pre-registration. Many of our CBSIG community members were in attendance and enjoyed learning from Stephen Spiller (Estimating, Testing, and Interpreting Interaction Effects), Lars Witell (Best Practices and Recent Developments in Qualitative Consumer Research Methods), Joe Goodman (Running Studies Online), and Carolyn Yoon (Consumer Neuroscience 101: Tools, Applications and Challenges).

Early next morning, while many of the CBSIG community members headed to “Meet the Editor Session” including JCR and JCP, the CBSIG leadership team convened at the hotel’s Harvest restaurant to discuss the progress so far, key updates, as well as next steps for the SIG. A one-hour breakfast meeting never felt so productive:)

Later that day, we all attended a bustling CBSIG reception co-hosted with DocSIG to enjoy a nice selection of snacks and drinks. The reception started with Veronica Martin Ruiz, current Chairperson of DocSIG, who presented a series of cool DocSIG announcements and updates. Immediately after that, our Chairperson June Cotte shared with the audience who CBSIG are and what we do. She also talked about the recent inaugural CBSIG conference in a lovely city of Bern, Switzerland, which was a great success. The session concluded with June inviting our fellow academic community members to contribute to and collaborate with us at CBSIG.

While the official conference photos are forthcoming, below you can review a series of conference photos taken at the CBSIG events.

Kind regards,

Your CBSIG team