Julio Sevilla, Vice Chair of Conference Programming

Julio Sevilla is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia. Julio’s areas of expertise include consumer behavior and decision-making, consumption and healthiness, retailing/packaging, and numeric cognition/pricing. Julio earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from la Universidad Americana in Nicaragua, a master’s degree in international business from Florida International University and a PhD in marketing from the University of Miami. Julio is the winner of the inaugural CBSIG Research in Practice Award from the American Marketing Association’s Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group (CBSIG), an award that recognizes published research that contributes to marketing practice in the field of consumer behavior.

Contact Information

C317 Benson Hall

630 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA, 30602

Phone: 706.542.9385

Webpage: https://www.terry.uga.edu/directory/marketing/julio-sevilla