CBSIG Small Research Grant Funding – Results Are Out

The Consumer Behavior Special Interest group of the AMA is pleased to announce this year’s crop of award winning consumer behavior scholars. To help our members, as well as student members of the AMA-DOCSIG, in these difficult pandemic times, we decided to continue offering multiple small competitive research grants on the theme of Managerially Relevant Consumer Insights. A key objective of research funded by CBSIG is to show how insights and research on consumer behavior can be used to enhance managerial or public policy decision making, and especially how to support strategy formulation and implementation efforts. This research funding seeks to advance theory and evidence relating consumer insights to business performance and policy making.

Seven papers have been awarded funding. And this year’s winners are

1) David Finken (University of Lucerne, Switzerland): “Context Even Matters in Virtuality: Perception of Object Proximity and Ownership in Augmented Reality”

2) Aylin Cakanlar (Stockholm Business School, Sweden): “How Economic System Justification Shapes Support for Peer Providers in the Sharing Economy”

3) Yeseul Kim (University of South Florida, USA), Dipayan Biswas (University of South Florida), and Annika Abell (University of Tennessee Knoxville): “The Effect of a Call-To-Action and Website Color on Online Shopping Behavior”

4) Dena Yadin (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), Nira Munichor (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), Elanor F. Williams (Washington University, USA), and Inbal Stockheim (The College of Law and Business, Israel): “The Effects of Reviews on Consumer Experiences”

5) Ruoou Li (University of South Carolina, USA): “Virtual Reality Can Promote Patience”

6) Stella Tavallaei (Florida International University, USA) and Alexandra Rodriguez (Florida International University, USA): “Sounds Like a Friend or an Expert? Sound Symbolism and Artificial Intelligence Acceptance”

7) Elina Yewon Hur (Cornell University, USA) and Suzanne Shu (Cornell University, USA): “Not All Green is Equal: The Sequence of Environmental Harm and Benefit Affects Preferences of Green Products”

Kind regards,

Your CBSIG team