Get Ready for Summer AMA this week!

Only a couple of days to go now, and we hope you are excited about the upcoming AMA Summer Educators’ Conference. There is always a ton of exciting sessions, so it may be of help for CBSIG members to stay tuned regarding some sessions that are likely of interest. We are super excited as there will be a lot of great things going on!

First, don’t forget to come out and meet some fellow CBSIG members at our:

CBSIG joint reception with DocSIG, Saturday from 5:30-6:45, Conference Hotel, Chicago Ballroom G

There are many other CB Sessions as well this AMA. Below we highlight just a few – make sure to check the program for lots of additional CB content.

“Changing Brands and the Changing World: How Consumers and Firms React and Cope” – Friday at 1:00

“The Numbers Game: Pricing in the Eyes of Consumers and Firms” – also Friday at 1:00

“Consumer Well-Being: Physical, Financial, and Emotional Health” – Friday at 4:15

“Exploring the Consequences of Being Emotional” – also Friday at 4:15

“On People & Brands: How Consumers Perceive, Interact with, and Communicate About Brands” – Saturday at 9:15

“Consumer Well-Being #2: Physical, Financial, and Emotional Health” – Saturday at 10:45

“The Brand Ambassador: How Brand Endorsers Connect with and Influence Consumers” –Sunday at 8:00

“The Role of the Individual in Innovation” – also Sunday at 8:00

“The Relational Consumer: Pro-Social Spending and Gift Giving Behaviours” – also Sunday at 8:00

“Consumer Motivations for Prosocial Behavior” – Sunday at 9:15

“Consumer Well-Being #3: Physical, Financial, and Emotional Health” – also Sunday at 9:15

“Consumer Behavior and Social Media” – Sunday at 10:45

“Perspectives on Consumer Interactions” – also Sunday at 10:45

“Realism of Brands and Consumption: Insights about Authenticity, Counterfeiting, and Stereotyping” – also Sunday at 10:45

Finally, there are some other events at Summer AMA that are CB-relevant as well.

  1. Several potentially relevant Master Class Sessions are conducted for which pre-registration is required. Estimating, Testing, and Interpreting Interaction Effects presented by Stephen Spiller – Friday at 2:15. Best Practices and Recent Developments in Qualitative Consumer Research Methods by Lars Witell – Friday at 2:15. Running Studies Online presented by Joe Goodman – Saturday at 2:00. Consumer Neuroscience 101: Tools, Applications and Challenges by Carolyn Yoon – Saturday at 2:00.
  • Journal of Marketing Best Paper Award Session celebrating and discuss JM’s three award-winning best papers – Friday at 04:15.
  • Meet the Editor Session including JCR and JCP – Saturday at 07:30.

We look forward to seeing you later this week!