2017 AMA Summer Educators’ Conference Recap

The 2017 AMA Summer Educators’ Conference was a definite success. Thanks to Conference Co-Chairs Kelly Haws, Mark Houston, and Charles Noble!
Program highlights included: pre-conference workshops on social innovation, sessions on cross-cultural consumer behaviour and advertising issues, consumer helplessness, and, of course, the CBSIG and DOCSIG co-sponsored reception.
Click here for some 2017 AMA Summer Educators’ Conference photos (or use the photos tab above). Can you find some CBSIG friends?


Remember, the CBSIG leadership team is calling for nominations for three awards: the CBSIG Rising Star Award, the CBSIG Lifetime Achievement Award, and the CBSIG Research in Practice Award. Our website has all the nomination details (see here for more details).

Nominations for all three awards are due OCTOBER 2, 2017.