2019 Winter AMA Recap

The 2019 AMA Winter Academic Conference was a great success. We at the AMA CBSIG had a real blast at this year’s eventful conference themed “Understanding Complexity, Transforming the Marketplace.” Here is a brief recap of what happened at Winter AMA.

We first celebrated the eminent career of our dearest friend Jagdish Sheth who turned 80. Colleagues and friends convened on Friday, February 22nd at 4pm for a special session to pay tribute to his impressive contributions as a marketing scholar, teacher, and consultant. The session built on the work by the Sheth Foundation and featured commentaries on a collection of essays in honor of Jagdish published in the 2019 Handbook of Advances in Marketing in an Era of Disruptions by Linda Price, Gerald Zaltman, David Stewart, Tomas Hult, Atul Parvatiyar, Rajan Varadarajan, Ruth Bolton, Jurgen Brock, Rich Lutz, Ajay Kohli, and Bill Wilkie.

The next noteworthy event we would like to highlight is a CBSIG-sponsored special session that took place on Saturday morning (February 23rd). The session was titled “The Future is Omni-Social: How Consumer Behavior Researchers Can Address Emergent Trends in Digital, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing,” and the audience was treated to a lively panel discussion. Donna Hoffman, Don Lehmann, Andrew Stephan, Lauren Grewal, and Angeline Close Scheinbaum covered a wide and varied set of topics, ranging from the internet of things, to privacy concerns, to the broader idea of what was once consider only online “social media” behaviors leeching into other digital forms, and even to physical world behaviors. The panelists left the audience engaged, and considering some big picture sorts of changes in the consumption landscape.

Later that day, we all headed to a lively CBSIG reception to enjoy great refreshments, snacks, and company. The reception was packed with a series of CBSIG announcements, updates, and award presentations. After sharing with the audience who we are and what we do, our Chairperson Wayne Hoyer introduced the current leadership and team and future leadership candidates. He then reminded everyone of the upcoming first CBSIG conference in a gorgeous city of Bern (Switzerland) on July 5 – 7, 2019 themed “Managerially Relevant Consumer Insights”. The session concluded with presentation of the annual CBSIG awards: 2019 Rising Star Award (Linying (Sophie) Fan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University), 2019 Consumer Behavior Research in Practice Award (Femke van Horn, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Rik Pieters, Tilburg University), and finally the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award (Gerald Zaltman).

To review a series of conference photos including those taken at the CBSIG events, we encourage you to visit: https://cbsig-ama.org/photos/winter-ama-2019-photos/.

Kind regards,

Your CBSIG officers