2022 CBSIG Small Research Grant Funding: Results

The Consumer Behavior Special Interest group of the AMA offers multiple small competitive research grants on the theme of Managerially Relevant Consumer Insights, as a way to help our members, as well as student members of the AMA-DOCSIG.

A key objective of research funded by CBSIG is to show how insights and research on consumer behavior can be used to enhance managerial or public policy decision making, and especially how to support strategy formulation and implementation efforts. This research funding seeks to advance theory and evidence relating consumer insights to business performance and policy making.

This year, a highly competitive pool of applicants submitted proposals, and seven projects were selected to receive funding. The winners of the 2022 CBSIG small research grants are:

Gabriel Ward (Texas A&M), Esther Uduehi (University of Washington), Keith Wilcox (Texas A&M): Person-First Language and its Impact on Donation Behavior

Mikyoung Lim (University of South Florida), Young-Won Ha: Solving the Paradox of a Large Assortment: The Moderating Role of Choice Mode

Aylin Cakanlar (Stockholm School of Economics), Ekin Ok (University of British Columbia), Hristina Nikolova (Boston College): The Impact of Romantic Relationship Dissolution on Switching Behavior

Zhenyu Jin (University of South Carolina): The “Low-Key” Luxury: The Augmenting Effect of Low-Pitched Music on Products’ Perceived Luxuriousness

Na Kyong (Kimberly) Hyun (Georgia Institute of Technology), Michael Lowe (Georgia Institute of Technology), Aradhna Krishna (University of Michigan): Vocal Similarity, Trust, and Persuasion in Consumer-Recommendation Agent Interactions

Jennifer L. Stoner (University of North Dakota), Ashley Stadler Blank (Xavier University), Navdeep Athwal (Deloitte Consulting): Disposing of Dior: The Impact of Luxury Goods on Disposal Decisions

Hristina Nikolova (Boston College): “Does It Take Two to Tango? Examining Differences in Per-Person Time and Money Donations between Dyads and Individuals”

Honorable Mention

Serwaa Karikari (Morgan State University), Michael A. Callow (Morgan State University): Assessing Consumer Attitudes to Brand Activism

Wangsuk Suh (The University of Rhode Island), Stephen A. Atlas (The University of Rhode Island): Evolution of Dynamic Pricing: The Moderating Role of Periodic Payment on the Formation of Perceived Price (Un)Fairness and Transaction Benefits

Congratulations to all!

Kind regards,
Your CBSIG Team