2023-24 CBSIG Awards – Call for Nominations

It’s time to recognize outstanding scholars and research in the consumer behavior domain!

CBSIG is proud to give out THREE awards each year:

  • Research in Practice Award for recent, rigorous research with managerial implications
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for someone who has made significant contributions to the field of marketing
  • Rising Star Award for a doctoral student or candidate who has shown promise through presentations and publications

Nominations for all three awards should be emailed to Francesca Valsesia (Vice Chair of Recognition and Awards) at valsesia@uw.edu. The nominations must be received by 5pm EST on October 13, 2023.

Please feel free to contact Francesca via e-mail with any questions.

A committee comprised of members of the CBSIG Leadership Team (Aaron Barnes, Ryan Hamilton, Kelly Haws, Mathew Isaac, Rebecca Reczek, Meyrav Shoham, and Francesca Valsesia) will determine the winners of each award. The winners will be announced by early December and will be formally awarded at the 2024 AMA Winter Conference.

Past award winners can be found here: https://cbsig-ama.org/awards/

Additional details regarding all three awards, and how to apply, appear below. We look forward to receiving your nominations!

AMA CBSIG Consumer Research in Practice Award
This award recognizes a scholarly research article that contributes significantly to marketing practice. The 2023-24 award is based on articles that appeared in an issue of a refereed journal during calendar year 2022 (must be published – not accepted – in 2022). These include, but are not limited to, the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, and Journal of Consumer Psychology.

The winning article must meet the following criteria:

  • Rigorous scholarly research;
  • Addressing an important marketing managerial issue;
  • An explicit objective of contributing to marketing practice;
  • Strong and compelling marketing implications;
  • Potential applicability across a range of products, services, and/or industries.

Nominations (self-nominations welcome) should include:

  1. A PDF of the article;
  2. A 1-2 page cover letter from the nominator as to why the article is a good candidate for the award.

AMA CBSIG Lifetime Achievement Award
This award honors a marketing scholar who has contributed significantly to the field of consumer research. Past winners include Lynn Kahle, Jim Bettman, Richard Lutz, Linda Price, Don Lehmann, Jag Sheth, Debbie MacInnis, Gerald Zaltman, John Lynch, Geeta Menon, and Jeffrey Inman.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Faculty in marketing, advertising, or psychology;
  • A significant body of work in developing and advancing consumer research;
  • Articles in AMA journals;
  • Active membership in AMA during most of one’s career.

Nominations (self-nominations welcomed) should include:

  1. Current curriculum vitae;
  2. A cover letter from the nominator as to why the nominee is a good candidate for the award.

AMA CBSIG Rising Star Award
This award honors a doctoral scholar who demonstrates a bright future in consumer behavior research.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Advanced doctoral student or candidate in marketing, advertising, or psychology in good standing at an AACSB university;
  • Current AMA member in good standing (CBSIG membership is a plus);
  • Demonstrated research productivity (e.g., journal publications and/or conference presentations). While not required, doing so at an AMA journal or conference is plus.

Nominations (self-nominations welcomed) should include:

  1. Current curriculum vitae;
  2. One signed recommendation letter from a dissertation chair or other faculty advisor that attests to the nominee’s research impact, contribution, and potential in consumer research.

Please note: CBSIG officers, for whom there is a presumed conflict-of-interest for one of the awards (e.g., the officer was a nominee’s mentee, advisor, PhD committee member, or co-author in the past 5 years), will abstain from evaluating all nominations for the award.