Get Ready for Winter AMA!

We hope you are getting excited about the upcoming AMA Winter Educators’ Conference that will take place two months from now in the gorgeous city of San Diego. There is always great deal of compelling sessions, useful workshops and master-classes, and pre-conference events, so it may be helpful for CBSIG members to learn about certain sessions that are likely to be of interest. There are a lot of great things going on so get ready for some action!

First, the CBSIG is sponsoring a wonderful special session:

How Smart Tech Shapes Consumer Behavior: Current Research Frontiers

We have an impressive team of presenters and their co-authors for this special session, including Markus Giesler, Donna Hoffman, Ela Veresiu, Amber Epp, Ashok Kumar Kaliyamurthy, Hope Schau, Thomas Novak, Shiri Melumad, Robert Meyer, and Nick Pendarvis. This session is Friday afternoon at 4:00 – 5:15, in Pacific Ballroom A (Second Floor)

And, of course, don’t forget to stop by and hang out with other fellow CBSIG members at our CBSIG reception during which we will be giving out our three CBSIG awards (Rising Star Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Research in Practice Award).

CBSIG reception, Saturday from 5:00-6:00

There are a number of other CB-relevant sessions as well this winter. Below, we highlight just a selected few – check the full program for lots more CB-focused content.

Sustainability: Not Really an Option Anymore – Friday at 1:00

Sharing and collaborative consumption – also Friday at 1:00

Brand Transgressions and Product Recalls: Drivers, Effects, and Strategies – Friday at 2:30

Consumption and Emotions – also Friday at 2:30

Money Matters: Consumer Financial Well-Being through a Marketing Lens – also Friday at 2:30

Consumers and Educators “Caught in the Act” – Saturday at 8:00

Persuading Consumers – Saturday at 9:30

Branding and customer perceptions – Saturday at 11:00

When Consumers Make Decisions – Saturday at 2:00

The Crucial Role of Customers in Innovation – also Saturday at 2:00

Naughty Naughty: Customers and Firms Behaving Badly – also Saturday at 2:00

Positive consumption – Sunday at 8:00

Consumers, Small-Scale Entrepreneurs and the Transformation of Markets – also Sunday at 8:00

New Technologies and Customer Relationship – Sunday at 9:30

The social context of consumption – Sunday at 11:00

Customer Engagement in the Digital World – also Sunday at 11:00

Finally, there are some other events before and at Winter AMA that are CB-relevant as well.

  • Teaching & Learning SIG, in partnership with Pearson Prentice Hall and Michael Solomon, Greg Marshall & Elnora Stuart is conducting a special session to conclude their annual competition to recognize and celebrate innovative excellence in marketing education. The session recognizes and features three competition finalists who present and share their teaching innovations with other marketing educators – Saturday at 3:30
  • Journal of Marketing-AMA 1.5 day research development workshop is featuring plenary speakers (JM Editors, Associate Editors, and ERB members) followed by workshop-style activities – Thursday, February 13 to the morning of Friday, February 14
  • 6th Annual Organizational Frontlines Research Symposium is fostering theoretical and empirical research on how technological advances at the intersection of frontline interactions and interfaces are disrupting how organizations connect with their customers – – Thursday, February 13 to the morning of Friday, February 14

We look forward to seeing you in February!

Kind regards,

Your CBSIG team