It’s time for 2022 Winter AMA!

We at CBSIG hope that you are doing well and looking forward to the 2022 AMA Winter Academic Conference. This year’s conference will have a hybrid format: the online portion will take place on February 10-11, and the in-person conference will be held February 18-20 in Las Vegas. Whether you intend to attend both parts of the conference or only one, there will be a great mix of sessions, workshops, and pre- and post-conference events!

We are very excited about the CBSIG special session that will be held during the online portion of the conference:

Forgotten Consumers: Conducting Impactful Consumer Research with Historically Underserved Populations, Presented by the AMA Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group
Thursday, February 10th, 1:00-2:15 pm Central (time zone converter)
Session co-chairs: Jared Watson, New York University and Mathew Isaac, Seattle University

Bottom-Up Enterprise: Insights From Subsistence Marketplaces
Madhu Viswanathan, Loyola Marymount University

Much of humanity lives at or near subsistence across resource and literacy barriers.  This presentation will summarize the field of subsistence marketplaces that takes a unique bottom-up approach to the intersection of poverty and marketplaces.   The presentation will cover the synergies derived between research, teaching and social initiatives this arena presents for researchers, educators, students, and practitioners.

Understanding Impoverished Consumers
Ron Hill, American University
That poverty is a salient factor in the lives of billions of consumers globally is without a doubt. If we look only at how most people live in the developed world, then approximately 15% of the global population lives similarly. Such differences challenge the psychological and physical tenants upon which the field of consumer behavior has been based. For example, does it make sense for someone whose life is tenuous to forego satisfaction in the moment for a potentially greater reward in the future that likely will not manifest? This talk will look at the concept of consumption adequacy and show its relevant for the material existences of billions of people around the world, as well as researchers interested in representative theories and perspectives.

Studying Overlooked Consumer Segments
Samantha Cross, Iowa State University
Consumers who fall below our radars-the underserved, the ones who don’t fit the norm-are still worthy of our attention and study. Yet, they can be hard to access. This methodological discussion offers several creative and practical ways to combat the challenges of reaching these equally important, but often overlooked, consumer segments – those who differ in their nationality, race, ethnicity, behavior and ability. The author argues that preparation, perspective and persistence are key in reaching and studying unseen consumers.

The Friday Payday Effect: The Impact of Intraweek Payday Timing on Spending
Wendy De La Rosa, University of Pennsylvania
More than half of Americans are paid on Fridays. However, surprisingly little is known about how intraweek payday timing (i.e., the day of the week in which a consumer receives their paycheck) impacts consumer spending. The current work addresses this gap by demonstrating that getting paid on Friday (versus any other weekday) increases consumer spending throughout a period. A Friday payday serves as a unique temporal landmark, increasing consumers’ deserving justifications and their spending. Evidence for this account is shown through a series of pre-registered laboratory studies as well as a large-scale field study.

Registration for the online or full conference is required in order to attend; You can register here.

Here are some of the other sessions to look forward to:

Online (Central Time)
Thursday Feb.10, 3:45pm
Persuasion in the Digital Age

Friday Feb.11, 7am
Social and Contextual Influences on Consumer Behavior
Fostering Consumer Well-Being
Consumer Behavior and Consumer Culture

Friday Feb.11, 8:30am
Consuming Technology by Choice… or by Necessity

In-person (Pacific Time)
Friday Feb.18 1pm
Consumer Use and Adoption of New Technologies

Friday Feb.18 2:30pm
New Insights on Information Sequence and Presentation

Friday Feb.18 4pm
Consumer Behavior in a Global Pandemic

Saturday Feb.19 9:30am
The Changing Consumer

Saturday Feb.19 11am
Judgment, Decision Making, and Choice

Saturday Feb.19 2pm
Social Identity and Inequality in a Changing Marketplace

Saturday Feb. 19 3:30 pm
New Insights on Identity and Consumption

Sunday Feb.20 9:30am
Analyzing Text: Ratings and Reviews

There’s a lot of other great content – check out the full program for more.

Please note that we will not hold a CBSIG reception at this year’s Winter AMA. We hope to see you all at an in-person reception soon!

The CBSIG Leadership Team:
Tiffany Barnett White, Rebecca Walker Reczek, Donna Hoffman, Jared Watson, Mathew Isaac, Aaron Barnes and Meyrav Shoham