JM Special Issue Announcements

“Better Marketing for a Better World” Special Issue (Deadline:  June 1, 2019)

Overview and Goals:  Marketing has the power to improve lives, sustain livelihoods, strengthen societies, and benefit the world at large. At the same time, marketing can have a dark side—it has the power to hurt consumers, employees, communities, markets, institutions, and the environment that surrounds us. This Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing seeks to bring together wide-ranging research to assess, illuminate, and debate whether, when, and how marketing contributes to a better world.

The focus of this Special Issue on a “better world” emphasizes the impact of marketing beyond just what is good for the financial performance of firms—it emphasizes marketing’s role in the welfare of the world’s other stakeholders and institutions. Topics covered in the Special Issue can range from analyses of “win-win” approaches that contribute to a better world while also improving firm outcomes to critical assessments of the dark side of marketing.

“Better marketing” includes a wide variety of approaches, activities, and systems. It is not restricted solely to the actions of marketing managers within commercial firms. Studies that involve marketing by organizations or individuals for whom profit is not a primary motive (e.g., NGOs, governments, activists, or charitable organizations) are welcome. A key condition is that submissions must address marketing ideas, activities, or systems and their connection to a better world.More details can be found here.

Special Issue Update:  During special sessions at the 2018 Summer AMA and ACR conferences, 17 leading scholars discussed what research in their areas would look like if they adopted a “Better Marketing for a Better World” perspective. Here’s what Mike Ahearne, Jonah Berger, Jonathan Berman, Pradeep Chintagunta, Darren Dahl, Markus Giesler, Rebecca Hamilton, Ajay Kohli, Cait Lamberton, Vikas Mittal, Andrea Morales, Koen Pauwels, Linda Price, Roland Rust, Jan Benedict Steenkamp, and Vanitha Swaminathan shared (click here to see all the talks).


Special Issue editors: Christine Moorman (Duke University), Rajesh Chandy (London Business School), Gita Johar (Columbia Business School), and John Roberts (University of New South Wales). Authors should write to editors with questions.



“Marketing and New Technologies” Special Issue (Deadline: September 1, 2019; TPM deadline:  January 15, 2019)

Overview and Goals:  New technologies are disrupting marketing and the marketplace. Consumers are searching for, making decisions about, and using products and services in new ways. Start-ups and incumbents alike use novel data, strategies, and business models driven by these new technologies to enter, grow, and defend markets. The role of marketing is shifting, including how marketing contributes to organizational and societal outcomes and the marketing tools, skills, decisions, and capabilities important to this contribution. New technologies are altering competitive dynamics, economic systems, and society in profound ways.


Internet, social, and mobile technologies as well as advances in computing power, automation, and infrastructure have been central to this disruptive role for some time. New innovations, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Natural User Interfaces (NUI), platforms, Cognitive Systems, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the data streams they produce are further contributing to this disruption with important implications for the marketing discipline.


This Special Issue will showcase scholarship that examines the impact of new technologies on important marketing-related research questions. New technologies, defined as those that are early in the adoption cycle for firms and/or consumers, can be studied from consumer, firm, competition, market, policy, or societal perspectives. Purely conceptual papers are welcome as are papers using any methodological approach. It is crucial that the papers address a real-world marketing question. More details can be found here.

TPM Conference for Special Issue: The Journal of Marketing is collaborating on this Special Issue with the 2019 Theory + Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conference, hosted by Columbia University Business School in New York City on May 16-18, 2019. This entire TPM conference is dedicated to exploring research on New Technologies and Marketing with the goal of improving knowledge on this critical topic and helping authors prepare for submission to the Special Issue. Non-authors may also attend to gain the latest insights on this important topic. TPM details can be found here (Deadline: January 15, 2019)

Special Issue EditorsC. Page Moreau (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Donna Hoffman (George Washington University), Stefan Stremersch (Erasmus School of Economics & IESE Business School), and Michel Wedel (University of Maryland). Authors should write to editors with questions.