CBSIG Small Research Grant Funding

The Consumer Behavior Special Interest group of the AMA is a group of nearly 1,000 AMA academics interested in consumer behavior insights for managerial decision making.

To help our members, as well as student members of the AMA-DOCSIG, in these difficult pandemic times, we are offering multiple $1500 competitive research grants on the theme of Managerially Relevant Consumer Insights.

A key objective of research funded by CBSIG should be to show how insights and research on consumer behavior can be used to enhance managerial or public policy decision making, and especially how to support strategy formulation and implementation efforts. The outcome of such an approach will be consumer-based strategies for business performance and policy making.

This research funding seeks to advance theory and evidence relating consumer insights to business strategies. We encourage a wide range of research ideas: behavioral papers with field studies, consumer behavior projects based on research collaboration with industry, ethnography for market strategy purposes, as well as other approaches to creating strategically relevant consumer insights. We welcome submissions from any methodological paradigm; the key is a focus on consumers and managerial insights.

Formatting Guidelines

All research grant proposals are to be submitted as a pdf document via email to As grants are intended to be small, the budget requested should be $1500 or less. The pdf document should be structured as follows:

1) Cover page

2) Statement of Research Problem

3) Research Objectives and Results to Date

4) Research Plan

5) Potential CB Insights for Managerial Decision-Making

6) Need for Funding

7) Budget Table

8) References

Figures and Tables should be embedded and the information in points 2-7 should be no more than 1500 words (that is, the Cover Page and the References do not count in the word length).  The Cover Page should contain the researchers’ full contact information.

In your submission, please explain why you are requesting research funding, including whether funds have been reduced at your current institution. The proposal should contain details on what you plan to do (i.e. data to be used and planned analyses rather than a long literature review or justification of hypotheses). Please format your grant proposal generally according to the Journal of Marketing style guidelines, and include basics such as: Font: 12 point, Times New Roman, Text [Including references]: Double-spaced, left-justified. Page Layout: 1-inch margins on all sides with page numbers in the upper right corner and no header/footer.


Applicants for a CBSIG research grant must be current members of the AMA Consumer Behavioral Special Interest Group (CBSIG) or the AMA Doctoral Student Special Interest Group (DOCSIG). Please send your submission to June Cotte, Chair, CBSIG: by June 10, 2020. 

All research grant proposals will be subject to a review process by the CBISG Leadership team (more information can be found at, and will be evaluated based on fit with the SIG’s focus on consumer behavior insights for managerial decision making, as well as conceptual and methodological rigor, feasibility, need for funding, and the significance of the conclusions for marketing management.

Decisions will be made by June 24, 2020.