Summer 2017 Newsletter

July 5 2017
What’s Happening at CB-SIG?
News about Summer AMA, CB-SIG Election Results, and more!
2017 AMA Summer Educators’ Conference
If you are coming to the AMA Summer Educators’ Conference in San Francisco this summer, please join us at the CB-SIG Reception, co-sponsored by the DOC-SIG.
SIG receptions are on Saturday night at 5:00. All are welcome and we hope to see you there!
CB-SIG Election Results
The CB-SIG leadership team is thrilled to announce that Wayne Hoyer, Chairman, Department of Marketing  and The James L. Bayless/William S. Farrish Fun Chair for Free Enterprise at The University of Texas at Austin has been elected Chair-Elect of AMA CB-SIG.

Wayne serves a three year term beginning July 1, 2017. Welcome Wayne!

CB-SIG Co-Sponsors the Baker/Wharton JACR Retailing Disruption Conference

The CB-SIG team would like to let you know about our successful CB-SIG panel at the recent Baker/Wharton JACR Retailing Disruption conference. There were over 120 attendees at the conference from 16 countries.


CB-SIG sponsored the last plenary session of the day. There were a total of three plenaries, one sponsored by MSI in which Kay Lemon from MSI and Boston College and Frank Grillo from Hart Hanks spoke, one sponsored by Baker in which Neil Blumenthal (CEO of Warby Parker), Jessica White (Chief Customer Officer of Glossier) and Rachel Shechtman (CEO of Story) spoke and then third one sponsored by CB-SIG in which Susan Broniarczyk, Andrea Morales, and Joann Peck spoke.

All three plenaries were really good, and the CB-SIG panel was awesome!

2018 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference


Integrating Paradigms in a World Where Marketing is Everywhere​

Submission Deadline is August 23rd, 2017

Bringing together perspectives, approaches, and even fields that are outside marketing but studying what we also study (such as computer science). Marketing touches everything these days and the marketing discipline can take more ownership of this.

This theme continues our trend of creating a “big tent” space where marketing scholars from across the discipline come together. It recognizes that marketing is both influencing (and being influenced by) a diverse set of forces from across the business world and academe. This also presents opportunities to engage the world of practice where marketing departments are taking on more complex roles and collaborations.

Check out more information on the
CB-SIG website here