The Baker Retailing Conference and CBSIG

As you may know, the AMA Consumer Behaviour Special Interest Group (the CBSIG) is comprised of nearly 1,000 AMA academics interested in consumer behavior insights for managerial decision making. Recently the CBSIG was one of the sponsors of the Baker Retailing Conference, held at Wharton. The conference theme (Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape) fits the CBSIG’s interests quite nicely!

MSI was also a co-sponsor of the conference and together we produced this report, which features the work of CBSIG members: Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape

The Baker Retailing Center also produced an in-depth report on the work in progress from the conference. And it has great photos of conference presenters and attendees. Read it here!

An additional outcome of the conference was this helpful and interesting article on the panel discussion by the Baker Center Director’s Council members: What Digital Disruptors Can Teach Traditional Retailers.

Finally, here is a useful, teaching-friendly blog covering some main conference insights.

All in all, a very successful joint initiative!